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We are seeking vendors for the following items:

  • Vendor grown fruits & vegetables.

  • Vendor grown herbs & spices.

  • Vendor produced farmstead products.

  • Vendor grown bedding plants, hanging and potted plants & cut flowers.

  • Vendor grown dried flowers or plants.

  • Craft items designed and made by the vendor.

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Vending Rules

All food items sold at the market must be homegrown and/or homemade by the vendor (no reselling) - exceptions must be approved by the market managers.

Permitted Items:

  1. Vendor grown fruits & vegetables.

  2. Vendor grown herbs & spices.

  3. Vendor produced farmstead products.

  4. Vendor grown bedding plants, hanging and potted plants & cut flowers.

  5. Vendor grown dried flowers or plants.

  6. Craft items designed and made by the vendor. Exceptions will only be made once a month and during the Harvest Festival for home-based businesses.

  7. A copy of the vendor's Cottage License, where applicable, will need to accompany the market applications.

  8. All vendors must keep their area neat and clean while selling. They are also responsible for their vending area being clean before leaving the market. No left over produce, litter, or garbage may be placed in the Artisan Plaza refuse receptacles. The market managers are responsible for assuring that the markets are kept clean and free of refuse or debris.

  9. Vendors must produce within 50 miles of Market.

* All items must be produced, processed, prepared, displayed and stored in accordance with the MN Department of Agriculture, MN Department of Health and the Goodhue County Health Department guidelines.

Market Conduct Rules

We discourage smoking in the market for everyone's comfort.

Please no obscene language.

No selling of produce under false information, i.e. variety, organic or bought to be resold.

MN law discourages dogs from farmers markets for others safety with the exception of service dogs.

Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, awnings, stand signage, etc.

Vendors are responsible for daily set-up and cleanup of their stalls and its surrounding area.

Absolutely NO dumping of unsold produce in Artisan Plaza refuse receptacles.

Please no downplaying of other grower's quality, pricing or product.

General Market Information

The Artisan Plaza Farmer's Market will run Saturdays, June 5th - October 23rd 2021, from 7:30am-12:30pm

Drop-in Vendors will be charged $15.00 a day, up to the $100 seasonal vending fee cap for multiple drop in days.

Youth Vendors 16 and under will be free.

Vending Spaces for 2021: Booths shall be 10x10 unless otherwise approved. Yearly vendors will have assigned locations and drop ins will be on a first come, first served basis.

If you have to leave early on market day, we ask that for that day only, locate your spot in an area that will not disrupt your fellow vendors and their business when you leave.

Absent/Tardy policy: Vendors are asked to call, text or email the market manager if they will be absent late in arriving, or if they will have to leave early on market day. We sincerely appreciate everyone's cooperation.

Flyer Advertising: We will implement these to promote the market and will also use flyer advertising for the yearly festival event. If you can assist in distribution to other areas, please let us know.

Advertising: We will also implement newspaper advertising at the beginning of the season, as well as for Harvest Fest. We will also advertise on Facebook weekly and will do posts for anyone that provides us with their information in advance of market days. In addition, we will advertise on Channel 12, The CF Local TV station, to promote our yearly festival event.

Festivals: We will again hold the Harvest Festival for 2021. Any vendor who has paid their seasonal vending fee can participate in the festival for free. We will keep you posted as the the date as we get closer/

Once a month: The Artisan Plaza Farmer's Market will be allowed to have a non-farmer's market (home based business)vendor at their market once a month to boost exposure. $15 fee. During the Harvest Festival, these numbers may be greater.

Pricing your product: Gross undercutting hurts everybody. Do not be afraid to ask your neighborin vendors what they are charging for similar products.